Keeping you

here to help.

A catgirl dressed in an ACU, lounging.

A full Militia for hire is at your disposal, whenever, however you need it.
our units are the most prestigious available force, from their extensive regiments and trainings.

there's no need to worry about your property or yourself while our units are within your employ.

protect your family

A catgirl dressed in an ACU, lounging.

due to the current war between the sovereign country of cascadia and the united states of america, our units are currently in high demand, both by the sovereign country and by private citizens.

check back soon to see if our family has expanded, enabling us to protect yours.

About cbsa

A catgirl dressed in an ACU, lounging.

As civil wars appear time and time again, kio has viewed countless cases of families who have suffered tragedy after tragedy - to meet their demise.

he was soon able to find a distinct pattern -

disgusted by the war, he created the largest military power owned by a single corporation.

protect your fragile family.

apply to become a cbsa member

A catgirl dressed in an ACU, lounging.

You have been preapproved for induction to the cbsa.
your new role: maiden

you are required to report to officer 2881 to begin your training, transformation, and ownership